How to factory reset ulefone phone with pictures

How to factory reset ulefone phone

How to factory reset ulefone phone

How to factory reset ulefone phone- . I would like to tell you that you are in right website and right post. in this guide line, we show you how to factory reset your ulefone.

When we talking about performing reset, there are three type of reset methods. One is Normal reset method and it can be done through the phone settings. Second one is Force reset method and it can be done after switch off the phone as well as final one is Force of force method. It can be done by your computer or laptop. That why we called so.

Why I want reset my ulefone phone

You have to reset your ulefone android phone when it got virus program or malware program. And you have to reset when phone speed go slow down.

How to reset my phone (normal)

  1. Switch on the ulefone
  2. Select Backup&Reset from phone settings
  3. Select “Factory Data Reset”
  4. Select “Reset Phone”
  5. If required select “Erase Everything”

Congratulations!  Your normal reset is finished

How to factory reset my ulefone (force)

Move down=volume down
move up=volume up
select= Home key

  1. Switch on the ulefone.
  2. Press and hold “Volume Downand Power key” at the same time until it appear android logo
  3. Select “Clear eMMC”
  4. Tab home key to confirm.

How to factory reset ulefone phone

Congratulations!  Your hard/force reset is finished

If not works?

Then try to reset from computer


You can use these methods- ulefone power,ulefone paris x,ulefone be touch 3,ulefone be pro 3,ulefone be pure,ulefone be pro,ulefone be x, ulefone be one, ulefone l55, u5, ulefone u69,ulefone  u7, ulefone u692, p6+,ulefone u650

We recommend you to get backup before doing those. if not your data will be lost.

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  1. My son locked his phone, then forgot the pattern password. The factory reset worked in this case. Thank you.

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