Download all USB drivers

phone’s Drivers help you to connect your smart phone to your tablet , windows 7, 8 , 10 or computer or laptop without any error.

phone’s Drivers also help to Flash your phone properly.

Drivers for flashing firmware

Download – CDC

Drivers for Flashing firmware

Download – Vcom

Normal drivers

Download – usb_driver

Guide to Install

Step 1,

Download all 3 Drivers listed in this page

Step 2,

View –> Show Hidden device

Now go to device manager in your computer or lap and click “add the legancy hardware menu one.


Step 3,

Click the Next and locate the extracted driver folder and Click add.

Step 4,

Go manual method (advance)

Step 5

Select “show all devices”


Step 6,

Locate driverls location and select drivers and “open”



Step 7,

Now, your drivers will install.


Do the same thing to other 2 files.


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