Download all Infocus Stock Roms

Flash Stock Rom on Infocus

If your phone does not Switch on, need repair, brick, need unroot or need Rollback then you are in right page. first, choose right Stock Firmware for your Infocus phone. after that, go Back to guide and Flash. If your one is not available then please comment.

you can Download all Below Stock Firmwares from these one of Links –  Link 1 , Link 2

  • InFocus m812
  • InFocus m808
  • InFocus m370
  • InFocus m260
  • InFocus m2 4g
  • InFocus m535
  • InFocus m210
  • InFocus m530
  • InFocus m810
  • InFocus m518
  • InFocus m511
  • InFocus m510t
  • InFocus m510
  • InFocus m350
  • InFocus m330
  • InFocus m320e
  • InFocus m320
  • InFocus m2 plus
  • InFocus m2
  • InFocus m2 3g
  • InFocus in815
  • InFocus in810
  • InFocus in610
  • InFocus M425 Bingo
  • InFocus M370i 16GB
  • InFocus M535 Plus
  • InFocus Bingo 50
  • InFocus Bingo 21
  • InFocus M680
  • InFocus F110
  • InFocus Bingo 10
  • InFocus M425 Bingo
  • InFocus M812i
  • InFocus Bingo 20
  • InFocus M550 3D

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11 Comments on Download all Infocus Stock Roms

  1. plz upload infocus bingo 21 stock rom

  2. Some device models lack download links, why?

  3. Please upload bingo20 rom

  4. please upload M370i kitkat rom

  5. Need infocus m430(bing0 21) rom plz

  6. please upload
    Infocus Bingo 20 zip file for update

  7. Dito Mathews // 20/10/2016 at 2:49 am // Reply

    Please we need Bingo 21(M430) ROM

  8. please update infocus bingo 50 to android 7.0

  9. Please put the infocus m680 firmware file.

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